Kevin and MollyKevin & Mollie Marsden

 Diocesan Medals, St Mary’s, Great Yarmouth

 On Sunday 19th June there was a delightful event for the parishioners of St Mary’s in Great Yarmouth. Two of the longstanding and deeply devout and willing parishioners were recognised and thanked for the wonderful work they have done in the parish over more than 40 years. Kevin and Molly Marsden both received Diocesan Medals for their long service of the parish. For very many years Molly has led the Sunday morning liturgy for the children, she has led the team running the annual fetes and bazaars and always been first to offer help with any social event. Her husband Kevin, who is retired builder, has been the first port of call for any odd jobs and maintenance around the Church. He can turn his hand to most


things and was involved in painting the inside of St Mary’s and many other jobs. Kevin has also been the MC of the altar servers for many years and has taught generations of servers; he is also a member of the Knights of St Columba and over the years has held all of the offices of the KSC. They went to the celebration Mass for Marriage and Family Life on Saturday at St John’s Cathedral and celebrating their 65th Anniversary were the longest married present, along with one other couple. What a great example of married life and of Christian service within the parish. Thank you from all of St Mary’s Parishioner for all you do and have done over many years for our community, it was a great joy to present you both with the Diocesan Medal.




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22 February 2018
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Kevin & Mollie Marsden

Diocesan Medals, St Mary’s, Great Yarmouth


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St. Ignatius, Caister. First Holy Communion 5 June 2016

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