Dear Father, dear Deacon, dear Religious,

The Nunciature have asked us to make the following as widely known as possible. Please put it on your parish websites.

FRIDAY MARCH 27TH  5.00PM (London time)

In order to offer intercession and consolation during this time of exceptional discomfort, the Holy Father will preside over a time of prayer and Eucharistic Adoration in St Peter’s Square, without a congregation, on  March 27th.  During this time Pope Francis will impart the Urbi et Orbi Blessing and will grant a plenary Indulgence to all those who share in this prayer via the media.

This will be broadcast on mondovision and streamed by  Vatican News.

Thank you!

Prayer and good wishes,




All Priests of the Society of Jesus, except Father Claudio Lopez


1824-34 Father Joseph Tate                          

I 834-41 Father James Clough                       

1841-50 Father Claudio Lopez                      

1851-55 Father Randal Lythgoe                    

1855-65 Father Francis Daniel                      

1865-67 Father Walter Clifford                     

1867-69 Father Matthew McCann               

1869-70 Father James Jones                          

1870-77 Father Joseph Johnson (Junr.)        

1877-81 Father James F. Splaine                   

1881-85 Father Thomas Williams

1885-87 Father Joseph Lazenby

1887-96 Father John Beall

1896-1901 Father Patrick Hassan

1901-6 Father Austin Rigby

1906-1 5 Father Michael Cullen

1915-26 Father David Thompson

1927-40 Father Patrick Dinley

1940-41 Father Oscar Withnell

1941-46 Father John Stratton, M.C.

1946 Father Stephen Webb, M.C.



Father Randal Lythgoe (ex-Provincial), d. January 25, 1855.

Father John Polding, d. April 25, 1858.

Father Joseph Lazenby, d. December 18, 1887.

-Father Edward Kernan, d. September 26, 1907.

Father George Huggins, d. July 19, 1918.

Father David Thompson, d. December 31, 1926.

Father Charles Ruthven, d. January 25, 1932.

Father James Osbaldeston, d. February 19, 1934.

-Father John Riley, d. May 11, 1935.

Father Patrick Dinley, d. April 20, 1940.

Assistant Priests

1855 (C.)-70 Father Henry Mahon

1866 Father Thomas Meyrick

1873 Father Edward Bird

1873-4 Father Richard Sumner

1874-6 Father Francis Jarrett

1877 Father William Anderdon

1878-9 Father Augustine Marchant

1880-2 Father John Wynne

1881-2 Father Joseph Jerrard

1882-3 Father Roger Perrin

1882-3 Father James Foley

1883-4 Father Anthony Foxwell

1883-93 Father Thomas Harper

1884-7 Father James Walker

1887-8 Father Charles Widdowson

1888-9 Father Joseph Jackson

1889-90 Father George Tickell

1890-1 Father John Moore

1891-6 Father Charles Lonergan

1891-3 Father Henry Birch

1893-4 Father Joseph Jerrard,

1805-6 Father Joseph O'Sullivan

1896-7 Father Edward Lawless

1897-8 Father James Purbrick

1898-9 Father Edward Carroll

1899-1901 Father joseph Fish

1899-1907 Father Charles Redman

1902-3 Father John Baldwin

1903-6 Father Frederick Jones

1907 Father James Donlevy

1907-9 Father Henry Parker

1907-8 Father Charles Raymond Barker

1908-11 Father Francis Chew

1908-12 Father John Dobson

1909-10 Father Charles Williams

1910-15 Father David Thompson

1911-19 Father George Huggins

1913-23 Father John Errington

1915-19 Father Edward Etherington

I919-25 Father Timothy Courtney

1919-21 Father Thomas Heaney

1921-3 Father Ernest Harper

1923-5 Father Salvator Pace

1925-35 Father John Riley

I931-2 Father Joseph Martin

1935-8 Father Ignatius Ireland

1935-40 Father Oscar Withnell

1938-9 Father Wilfred Hare

1940-3 Father George Kelly

1943-   Father Raymond Campbell

1946-7 Father Peter Moran

1947-8 Father William Murray

1948-9 Father John Gallagher

1948 Father Bernard Weatherhead

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Diocese of East Anglia

eastangliaThe Parish of St Mary’s is one of 55 parishes that make up the Diocese of East Anglia (within the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire together with the Unitary Authority of Peterborough).  Each Diocese is led by the bishop, as head of the local Church.  The Diocesan Website can be accessed here.

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pope frances1rsThe See of Rome has special significance as the place of martyrdom of the Apostles Peter and Paul. The Pope (bishop of Rome) is regarded as the successor of St Peter.

The Catholic Church is made up of all the dioceses that are in communion with the Holy Father.
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Re-dedication of England To Mary

  An Urgent Request:

Please Join in the Rededication of England to Mary as her Dowry

Sunday 29th March 2020 - 12:00 Noon

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